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Disney 3v3

3v3 Disney Soccer

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The Process |

  • Teams are formed starting in April/May
  • Qualifying tournaments will be held in May, June, July & August
  • At least 1 state tournament is required and 1 regional tournament. 
  • Regional tournaments may be held in ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI or PA


2018/19 Disney National Team

U16 Boys
Cater Dore, Caleb Towle, McKaie Normand, Perrin McLeod, Hunter Arsenault

U14 Boys
Cameron Dore, Cole Stockman, Chance Bolduc, Parker Clark, Caleb Adams and Brayden Rapoza

3v3 Soccer is a fast pace game, different from your regular soccer game and played on a much small field, with smaller goals. There are many variations of this sport currently being played throughout the US. This game takes quick ball movement, and footwork, along with team play to make a successful team.

Teams from all over the US, Puerto Rico, Brazil and more compete at this event yearly, and teams must qualify at a qualifying tournament prior to making it to the World Championships.

If you are someone you know would like to help donate to this group, please click here. All donations help make this dream a reality for these kids!

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