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Revs Bring in StatSports Technology

By Revolution United News, 02/28/23, 7:30PM EST


Official GPS Player Tracking System

Alton, NH - Revolution United Sports Group is pleased to announce the addition of StatSports for the upcoming spring 2023 season. 

Throughout the 2022 season, Revolution United tested the StatSports technology on select athletes and select teams to get real time training and game data. Starting this spring, this technology will be rolled out to additional teams through a new program that will be announced prior to the start of the spring competitive soccer season.

"Through the StatSport technology, athletes are able to see their real time data from training sessions and games, compare that data to athletes their same age group regionally, nationally and even internationally to see where they match up," said Cory Halvorsen, Executive Director for Revolution United.

"Parents who sign off on this program, receive data shared with them to view charts, heat maps, speed, step balance and many more important metrics on their athlete after training and game play," he continued.

StatSports is the world wide leader in GPS athlete tracking for all metrics. Players are seen wearing what may look similar to a "sports bra" either over, or under their training or game jersey. Through that, players will have a tracker that is assigned to them, and specifically to them only. Players record their initial data such as height, weight, age, etc. and this is how the StatSport system will start to look for comparable data.

"What we have found over the past year of testing this technology, is players are starting to compete even harder throughout matches trying to reach their personal best," said Lucas Therrien, Program Director for Revolution United. "To know this is tracking number of sprints, total MPH, positioning on the field - it is really challenging players even more to reach the next level."

Revolution United plan to make an announcement prior to the spring season on a new program that will become available to all players who play for Revs. This will be greatly elevated with the addition of the StatSport technology.

About StatSports

TATSports has grown from its humble origins in Ireland to be the world-leading provider of GPS player tracking and analysis equipment. We now have offices in Ireland, London, Chicago and Florida. 

The STATSports APEX System is a customer driven platform. The unique, user-friendly interface was designed and shaped alongside some of the world’s top strength coaches, medics and sports coaches. It is the only system to offer sports specific software for Football, Basketball, American Football, Rugby and Athletics.

More information can be found at 

Any questions regarding this technology, please feel free to contact us at