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Sideline Reminders

By Revs News, 11/02/23, 6:00PM EDT


Alton, NH - This fall soccer season has been one of the busiest in the history of Revolution United between recreation and competitive soccer, including the expansion of our Concord based program, Revs City. With the increase in participation, has come a few negatives that have been witnessed throughout the season.

We know that our parents, players and coaches are all passionate about their sport, winning games, tournament participation, etc. There will be times during games that we may not all agree with certain calls being made or decisions of the coaching staff.

Revolution United has a zero tolerance for use of profanity towards referees, coaches, spectators, etc., any threats of potential violence, any vulgar gestures, etc. or any other situation which may take the focus away from the kids and their sport.

Whether it is a home game or an away match, Revolution United officials reserve the right to remove an individual from a game due to anything that violates our zero tolerance policy.

Revolution United has built our name within the communities as doing things differently, having options for all youth sports athletes, and being a supportive sports families. Our families are some of the best out there constantly cheering on our kids and ensuring they have a positive experience. This is what we see 99% of the time. 

We ask that going into the final season of the competitive soccer season, and going into the indoor seasons, we all take a step back to remember that this is about youth sports. Just like our kids, at times referees and coaches will also make mistakes. We truly believe this is not done intentionally. 

We want to have the best representation of our club and get the best feedback from teams that we go and visit. Let's continue to have a positive impact on the game and our athletes.