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What makes you #1?

By Revolution United News, 06/29/17, 1:15PM EDT


Is the #1 spot being bought

Over the years, and even more now with social media, we see more and more about soccer clubs being #1 in the state, and being the best club or the biggest. However, what does that really mean? 

Is being #1 state even relevant anymore with all of the clubs that have been "bought up" over the years? A recent article showed one of the top 'corporate clubs' as being #1 in the state, as they won 6 of the 8 "state cup" games. That is no doubt a huge accomplishment, however, did we as parents, administrators, coaches, etc., do our work to dig into that, or did we stop at the headline? 

The US Club Soccer NH State Cup took place in May and the top clubs were in there, no doubt. Did you notice, like we did, that all of the clubs represented were the same? But does winning against yourself, or against just one or two other clubs truly make you the "best in the state" or the "#1 club"? There isn't currently an event out there that would truly be able to give us that test to see who is the #1 club or the #1 team in the state, with the separation of US Youth Soccer and US Club. All we do say is, do some homework.  This link below is from the US Club Soccer NH "State Cup" and where we have referenced some of our findings. ( 

At some point, aren't we just going to have the same clubs competing for the title, since many are being "bought out".  We have already seen it where it is 'corporate club' vs. 'corporate club'. 

In the fall of 2017, Revolution United FC has committed to teams playing in the newly formed league, the Northern New England Soccer League. Some have unfairly tried to claim it as being "their league", but I think you will find on the NNESL website, this league is built by the clubs. This includes ALL of the clubs that are involved. So with the NNESL league fees staying similar to what we have been at within the NHSL for years, why are we still at a max of $145 while others, participating in the same league, are over $400+? What are you getting for the $255+ difference? Have you checked your coaches background, what licenses they hold, what licenses the "directors" hold, their commitment to the sport, the community, and to the players? 

Revolution United FC will continue to put families first, players first, and their community first. We will not just raise our fees so we can put in turf fields, we will not raise our fees to buy other clubs, and we will not raise our fees to make this club a full time job. Soccer should continue to be fun, a game, a learning tool, and way to make friends, a community event, and to keep the cost appropriate so that ALL players, of all skill levels, can truly enjoy the worlds greatest game.