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Official Statement from Revolution United FC

By Cory Halvorsen, 08/09/17, 4:45PM EDT


Official Statement from Revolution United FC Leadership – August 9, 2017
Executive Director, Cory Halvorsen

      As Revolution United FC gears up for a fall season for recreational and competitive soccer, I would like to provide our clubs official statement regarding the new Northern New England Soccer League (NNESL), NH Soccer League (NHSL), and the New Hampshire Soccer Association (NHSA).


      Since 2011, when Revolution United FC was formed, it has always been important for us as a club to solicit feedback from its members, players, parents, and coaching staff to ensure we are making the proper changes within our organization and continuing the growth that is so needed for soccer in New Hampshire. Growth comes when we as an organization can provide new opportunities, and not just take over existing opportunities at a higher cost, as we continue to see all across the region. It remains the goal and commitment from Revolution United FC to offer programs for all players, with all abilities, to play the game that can be played by everyone.


      Each season, parents, players & coaches complete a mid-season survey, and an end of the year survey. Many topics that covered are about our club, the league in which we participate in, and how we can provide the best opportunity for our players and parents. One of the continued topics that have been discussed with coaches has been our participation in the NHSL and for the leadership team to gather more information on the new NNESL. All of our coaches are given the opportunity to choose the best league that will fit their teams needs and competition level. Having strong spring numbers, with 14-18 teams, this will be our second season entering teams into the fall season. These teams will enter the NNESL for the first time. This will be a true test for our teams to report back to our leadership team with their thoughts on the NNESL, and future participation after this season. By no means, does this mean Revolution United FC will exclusively commit to any one league or organization, as we will continue to do what is in the best interest of our teams.


      It is the sincere hope for Revolution United FC, that the NNESL, NHSL, and NHSA continue to work together to find a common ground that will be in the best interest of the players, keeping them in mind first. For far too long, there has been a struggle of power and control in the state, and we believe that with more input from the clubs and the true members, will truly be able to change soccer in New Hampshire together. For far too long, we have lost our way in a sport and a “game” that we are all passionate and committed to. New Hampshire is much too small of a state to continue to be divided and not preparing players for the next level, by giving them all the competition that is needed. We all must understand that it is ok to be a recreational team, competitive D3 team, D2 or even D1. Not all teams need to be premier, and we should be able to cater to all levels of play.


     Our loyalty, and that of our leadership team and staff will be with our club, and not be looked at as a number of votes we may have, but instead looked at as an organization that is here for the youth soccer players that we serve.