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Tilton Sports Center - Open for Revs

By Revolution United News, 10/25/17, 11:00AM EDT


Will the scare tactics stop?

If you were one of the lucky ones to receive yet another email from Seacoast United over the past week, they clearly have an interesting way of promoting their "brand". 

First, another email came in recruiting players and letting players know Seacoast United is now at Tilton Sports Center. What does this really mean? It means, SU is renting space for training at Tilton Sports Center. So, in that case, this means Revolution United FC has now partnered with Fieldhouse Sports, Tilton Sports Center and Berwick Academy as we rent and / or participate at all of these facilities for the growth of our players.

Second, in this email it was stated - "Seacoast United and Lakes Region United are working diligently to save this failing facility from closure, and we need as much support as we can get."

When our Executive Director, Cory Halvorsen read this, he immediately placed a phone call and email to the owner of Tilton Sports Center. 

"Bob (owner of TSC) and I have had a relationship before this facility was even opened. There were boats in this warehouse before the turf was down, and Bob relied on the help from many in the soccer world to get this facility put together", Halvorsen said. 

At 10:51am on 10/25, our Executive Director already had an email back from Bob Callahan stating "Cory, It's Bob Callahan. We're not going anywhere . Give me a call so I can explain."

After a 15 minute with Mr. Callahan, it was determined that SU is renting a few hours a week, as is LRU. Revolution United FC will be doing the same, as we have done since they have opened. They have made a change in the management at the facility, however, by no means does this mean they are closing. Bob is aware of the email that was sent out and has already reached out to SU, receiving a response back from them stating "it's just a marketing strategy". 

Don't let a "marketing strategy" become a scare tactic. It is unfortunate now that a business that has been very good to us for years, is now in the middle of what soccer clubs have been in the middle of for years. 

Soccer is a sport, it is a game, and we are all grateful to be brought together by this common bond for the good of the game!

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